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It's Hot in Here July Tasting at Dovini

Escape the Texas heat with us on July 2nd at 7pm at Dovini Italian Grill in Bridgeport, TX, for 'It's Hot in Here,' a refreshing wine tasting designed to cool you down and lift your spirits. I have handpicked five exceptional wines that are perfect for beating the summer sizzle....


Dovini Wine Dinner June 25

Deposit for June 25th Wine Dinner at Dovini.


Today on The Island is Allegrini Villa Cavarena Valpolicella.

The Allegrini family is definitely a heavy hitter in the Italian wine game. They acquired this property in 1998 which had been abandoned for years. It’s at 500 meters elevation and has good soil. The family began to replant the vineyard with the classic grape varieties of Valpolicella, finishing in 2012.


Wines marked just “Valpolicella” are the basic pours of the region. I usually find them spicy with a decent zing of acidity, perfect food wines, as opposed to their more illustrious relative, the Amarone, which can be a monster for food. This one is 70% Corvina 30% Rondinella.

So I popped this one open excitedly. The taste, however, not exciting. It was disconnected, fruit and spice hitting the tongue with ill timing, greenish tannins, loosing the fruit in the finish. 

I assume this inexpensive (less than 10 bucks) wine is from their young vines, and is meant to be a casual (pounder) wine.

I was pretty daunted at the idea of even finishing the bottle (GASP!) But then our take out arrived: barbecue with spicy sauce, sausage, pulled pork, brisket, potato salad….even deviled eggs.

FRIENDS, the wine did a 180 with this food!!! 

It got its act together and worked well with ALL of the foods above (yes, the eggs too,) was palate cleansing, and handled the spice and tang. Needless to say, I finished the bottle with dinner.

Wine experience saved. Is it technically a stellar wine?


Is it great with barbecue? Hell yeah.