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It's Hot in Here July Tasting at Dovini

Escape the Texas heat with us on July 2nd at 7pm at Dovini Italian Grill in Bridgeport, TX, for 'It's Hot in Here,' a refreshing wine tasting designed to cool you down and lift your spirits. I have handpicked five exceptional wines that are perfect for beating the summer sizzle....


Dovini Wine Dinner June 25

Deposit for June 25th Wine Dinner at Dovini.


Look what we found on The Island today!

2017 Reserve des Vignerons Saumur Champigny.

This is a Coop wine, meaning it is produced with grapes from member growers within an organization. The Coop, Cave Saumur, started in 1956 with around 40 growers, and today has more than 160. This isn’t in any way a slight on the wine. These growers agree to abide by the rules of the Coop for quality, including, in this case, using sustainable growing methods. 

The wine is bottled and cellared in one of the deepest wine caves in Europe, cut into the chalky “tuffeau” soil.

Saumur is in the Loire Valley, which is often thought of as white wine territory, however, Saumur Champigny AOC only allows red.

In this case, the wine is 100% Cabernet Franc (Cab Sauv’s daddy.) 

The wine sees a 10 day soak on the skins AFTER fermentation. This isn’t the norm, but here it works.  It’s then aged 6 months in contact with the dead yeast, who’s more palatable name is “lees.

Ewww, you may say.  No way, it’s a good thing, adding creamy feel to the wine and some extra chemicals that turn into good smells and flavors.

I promise.

Let’s taste it.

First, on the Schnoz: red fruits, like cherries, raspberries, red currant, just the slightest hint of cigar box.

On the tongue: more red fruit, whoa, that’s juicy! Good acidity that then dumps massive maraschino cherry in your mouth. It finishes with a touch of spice, some pipe tobacco, and fennel fronds. 

Hey, sorry to be fancy, but it’s what I taste!

For around 15 smackeroos, I’d say it’s a hell of a deal.

PS. Serve it slightly chilled please, not over 70!