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It's Hot in Here July Tasting at Dovini

Escape the Texas heat with us on July 2nd at 7pm at Dovini Italian Grill in Bridgeport, TX, for 'It's Hot in Here,' a refreshing wine tasting designed to cool you down and lift your spirits. I have handpicked five exceptional wines that are perfect for beating the summer sizzle....


Dovini Wine Dinner June 25

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One of my favorite, and least favorite, varieties to imbibe is Riesling.

It’s like the little girl with the curl in the middle of her forehead. 

When she was good, she was very, very good, but when she was bad she was horrid.

Let’s face it, there is a lot of Riesling on the market that is overly sweet, fluffy, insipid, and blech….

No, no, friends. What I want is something with bite and tang, plenty of minerality, and maybe, just maybe, a whiff of something akin to petroleum….I want complexity, exotic beauty, and a bit of challenge.

No, really…. that’s what I want


Some of the best places to find quality Riesling are Germany and Alsace, France.

I picked up this 2019 German Riesling, which they helpfully described as “dry” right on the label. Many German wineries DON’T put that distinction on the label and therefore you are left using complicated deductive reasoning to figure out if the Riesling you are looking at is, in fact, dry or some level of NOT dry.

The Heidemanns-Bergweiler vineyards are in the Mosel region of Germany and are mostly designated “steillage,”  that means “steep slopes.”  These vines grow in a Devon Slate dominant soil. Grapes are hand harvested and handled very carefully throughout the process. 

Vinification takes place low and slow in stainless steel, meaning, cool temperature, slow fermentation, no wood treatment. This keeps the resulting wine very fresh and lets the delicate aromas and flavors shine. 

The conclusion of this effort is a beautifully crisp wine, with enough body and acidity to make it very food friendly. Citrus notes, wet stones, floral notes of white violets and lemon grass. 


At less than 15 smackers, this is a great deal. It will also go great with your Thanksgiving food as it is very versatile in its pairing ability.

P.S. to give you a visual representation of the flavor of this lovely wine, here is a photo of this winery’s Ăśrziger Goldwingert vineyard. Yep, tastes just like that.

Remember: It’s good to know stuff, but it’s better to Drink and Know Stuff!